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We want you to feel confident and safe in your decision to support an organisation and donate hand sanitiser to them. In addition to keeping a full list of all organisations we’re donating to, we’ll also snap a pic of one our (employed!) ST. ALi staff delivering the sanitiser.

Full transparency demands an accounting of the costs involved too. Ethanol - the most important ingredient in hand sanitiser - is definitely not the same price it was two months ago. Even in one week those costs have gone up!

With all that Ethanol in there too (75%!) this is a highly flammable product, and subject to a range of shipping constraints. We can’t use Australia Post for this, and instead have contracted a freight company to deliver our sanitiser. They’re understandably a little busy right now, so with higher demand comes higher costs.

Any thoughts of coming out of this crisis cashed up and killing it were quickly dispelled the second week when we saw our wholesale business crash to a halt. Honestly, we just want to be here on the other side of this, as a company still intact. We need staff for that, so we’ve held onto a core group who, obviously, we’re still paying a wage too.